5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Businesses Need to Stop Making

Social Media Marketing mistakes

Although social media marketing is now very much an established discipline, many businesses still take the wrong approach to it by following more traditional marketing practices. Given the vast number of people on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and other social networks, it’s understandable that businesses are excited about the potential of tapping into these audiences, but actually appealing to target audiences is far more complicated. In fad, with the exception of certain paid advertising programs, social media marketing is less about selling and more about building connections.

Following are some common mistakes that businesses make:

#l Focusing on Quantity of Followers

Less is more is the age-old adage that should prevail in any area of Intemet marketing, social media being no exception. Many inexperienced marketers focus far too much on things like the number of Facebook followers, visits to their websites or email subscribers Some marketers even go so far to buy followers in the form of hundreds of fake profiles! However, if these followers aren’t engaging with your brand and, preferably, becoming conversions, you’re achieving precisely nothing. Just as the quality of your mailing list is one of the main priorities in email marketing, so is the quality of your follower base on Facebook or any other network.


#2 Prioritising Conversions

Since organic social media marketing is about building relationships by establishing meaningful two-way communications between your business and its target audience, conversion rates should not be your primary focus. Instead, you should be using social media to provide things like regular updates, customer support, tips and advice and any other content that helps keep your followers engaged in and aware of your brand. On occasion, you might use social media for drawing attention to special use social media for drawing attention to special promotions but, since the majority of the content you post shouldn’t even be promotional in nature, metrics such as conversion rates are rarely even a factor.


#3 Not Being Committed

Social media marketing is not the sort of thing that requires some preliminary work and then forgetting about it. In fact, the initial work, which typically involves setting up your accounts and business pages, is fairly minimal. Almost all of the work involved is part of an ongoing process whereby you regularly communicate with you followers by addressing their concerns, thanking them for their feedback or simply discussing matters pertaining to your industry. As such, most larger businesses have dedicated teams that take care of customer relationship management using social platforms. Success comes with maintaining a consistent and regular presence.


#4 Not Having a Strategy

While a degree of spontaneity and surprise is certainly not a bad idea, you cannot hope to succeed with social marketing without having a framework in place. There are many important things to consider, such as what time you post content, what you post and what you share. You’ll also need to set aside some time to replying to people’s questions, conducting market research and garnering insights into your target audience. Every social media marketing strategy starts with identifying your business goals, whether they include providing customer service, market research, raising brand awareness or something else altogether.


#5 Using too Many Channels

Everyone has heard of Facebook and Twitter, both of which are so enormous and with such broad reaches that they can be useful for almost any type of business. However, other networks cater towards more specific audiences and industries, and there’s no point in investing your time and money in platforms that are not suitable for your business For example, Linkedln, while excellent for almost any BOB industry, is generally not a very useful resource for Hoc businesses. Other networks, such as Instagram and Flnterest, are better suited to industries like fashion or travel, which rely heavily on visual appeal.


Final Words

The Internet has made the world of marketing a very different place. Being surrounded by advertisements almost everywhere they look, consumers are often short on patience and have low attention spans when they’re using the Internet. While a lot of traditional advertising relies on interrupting people and, as such, is intrusive by nature, digital marketing often takes a very different form. It cannot be stressed enough that social media should never be seen as a platform for selling, but rather as a platform for sharing ideas and bolding up trust and rapport among your target audience. It’s every bit as much about listening as it is about speaking.

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