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Growth Hacking

The concept of growth hacking was coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis in order to stress older concepts that were given new life in the modern day due. Essentially growth hacking can be seen as growth by any means necessary. The concept involves a high-level of creativity and innovation. Read on to learn a few key tips for reaching the explosive and unsustainable growth that growth hacking can provide.

Awesome Unsustainable Growth is Good Growth

The traditional methods used by start-up businesses will include general advertising and market research. These methods are fine and should be used. However, they usually provide a slow and sustainable growth model. Typically, a growth curve provided by such methods will be quite shallow unless your company provides an incredibly innovative product or service and you have no current competition.

Growth hacking destroys the growth curve and allows you to rocket upwards from your starting position in short spurts that resemble a staircase more than a curve. This is achieved by leaving the traditional methods off to the side. Use them as a supplement while you work on innovative ways to put your brand in everyone’s face. That is the true secret of growth hacking. You want to be seen as often as possible regardless of how obnoxious it might seem.
If it helps, you can liken growth hacking to an annoyingly insistent child who continually cries out, “Mom! Mom!” After she reaches the end of her patience the mother will curiously ask the child what they want. The child will giggle and respond, “Hi!”
Basically, you want your company to become an existence that is similar to a cute but annoying child who wants attention and refuses to go away. There are several ways to reach a high-level of market penetration and company growth when you start from this premise.
Learn Your Customer’s Truth

The truth can be a subjective concept when it comes to deciding what to buy, or which service to use. Understanding how people think and act is vital for developing rapid growth through customer interaction.

No two people are truly identical, not even identical twins. Everyone thinks in a specific way that is unique to them, their own language. Your task as a growth hacker will be to speak that language. Find out what is important to your customers. Learn how they speak, how they think. You can do this by keeping a few things in mind.
. The location that someone lives will affect their thought processes. Someone living in a fast-paced city might want their information to be direct and blunt. Someone living in a rural location might want to take time to approach a subject at a more relaxed pace. There is no hard and fast rule. It will be important to learn a lot about the general populace in any location that you plan to do business.
. Find the generation gap then firmly wedge yourself inside. Youth culture and the culture of the older generation can often vary wildly in what is acceptable. For instance, many older adults believe that the younger generation does not care about their personal privacy. However, due to a desire by parents and authority figures to maintain awareness of where their children are, many among the younger generation have become quite good at disabling GPS tracking devices in their smart phones. They may also be more inclined to use invisible mode on various social networking sites such as Snapchat. This is a different type of desire for privacy, a type of language for the youth culture.

These factors culminate in the idea that you ultimately want to discover both what your customers want and how to let them know that they want it. Your ability to properly use your customer’s truth as a company growth tool can be broken down into the following key points.
. Know where your customers live
. Know how your customers live
. Learn what your customers need
. Tell your customers what they need
. Never shut up about it
Ultimately, growth hacking can be achieved with great ease if you consider all of the angles. If the old adage, “Reach for the brass ring!” were to be used, a traditional marketing campaign would involve stretching and growing over time so that you can eventually touch that ring. A growth hacker would just get a ladder.

The rungs on your growth hacking ladder are made up of knowledge about your customers and how they think. Sometimes a marketing manager can confuse the rungs and the climbing method when it comes to the growth hacking ladder. Videos, photos, advertisements, and catchy articles are used as climbing methods, not as rungs. If you can master the art of learning what your customers need, how to show them that you have what they need, and never shut up about it, you can rocket your company straight to the top of your business niche.

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