How to create a custom Login Page for WordPress

Are you tired of seeing the WordPress logo on your login page and wish to see your own logo in its place? Then it’s about time that you created a custom login page for your WordPress site.

Just a heads-up, customized login pages are not just made on whims – they possess intangible value. Here are some of the benefits of creating a custom login page:


  1. Website Security

By customizing your WordPress login page, you can make your website more secure. How?

Well, when you have increased traffic to your site, there will be a consequent increase in the bad traffic too. Bad traffic refers to spammers, malicious bots and scripts that can harm your site.

  1. Professional Outlook

If your site has multiple users, be it administrators that require logging in, or other users like bloggers and authors, it is best if you have your own customized page so that every time someone logs in, they get the professional feel of your website.

  1. Branding

If you are a startup business, it’s mandatory that you have your own logo and brand name on your login page. Customizing the login page for your business adds a nice branding touch and gives the impression to your users that you take your brand seriously. And if you are building the site for a client, then all the more reason to make a custom login page!

Well, enough about the benefits. Let’s get down to the real thing!

Creating a Customized Login Page in WordPress

There are actually two ways of making your own custom log in page. The first method is hard and geeky – it requires coding skills and modifying the php files for your login page.

Lost? Well, you are definitely going to be grateful for the second method because it’s a breeze. It requires you to download a WordPress plugin to customize your login page.

We have listed the top seven free plugins that you can use for customizing your login page.

  1. Custom Login Plugin

With Custom Login Plugin, your login page could look something like this:

Custom Login Plugin

This plugin provides the following features:

  • Social link connectivity (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Background slide show
  • Slide show animation effects
  • Integrated with 500+ Google fonts
  • Unlimited colors available
  • Mobile compatibility

To install this plugin, follow these directions after downloading the latest version of the plugin.

For a live demo, click here.

  1. Tesla Login Customizer

With Tesla Login Customizer, this is how your login page can look like:

Telsa Login Plugin

You can install this plugin by following the steps listed here. The features of this plugin include:

  • General settings (background image, color, size | font | font size | font color | other options)
  • Choose from provided templates
  • Logo settings
  • Form options and settings

To select a demo, click here.

  1. Theme My Login

This plugin uses a template from your current them to create a page in place of the wp-login.php. Here are the basic features of Theme My Login plugin:

  • Log in from anywhere from your website
  • User settings based on their role
  • User profile themes
  • Your web pages for log in, registration and password recovery will match your website’s current theme

To install this plugin, follow these instructions.

  1. Custom Login Page Customizer

With the Custom Login Page Customizer your login page could resemble this one:

Custom Login Page Customizer Plugin

You can install this plugin by following these steps.

Here is what it can do:

  • Replace the WordPress logo with your own
  • Set a background for the login page
  • Set a background for the form
  • Adjust styling (fonts, colors, sizes) of the form and other details

In order to prevent spam logins or bots, you can install a security add-on for an additional captcha field in the form

  1. Custom Login Page Styler

This is one of the screenshots of the login pages that have been created through this plugin.

Custom Login Page Styler Plugin

The plugin features include:

  • Custom templates for login
  • Google fonts
  • Unlimited color scheme
  • Unlimited styling of forms
  • Adding a background image
  • Adding a custom login logo
  • Compatible with other plugins such as BuddyPress, Limit Login Attempts, Captcha plugins, bbPress
  • Responsive design for mobile compatibility

To install Custom Login Page Styler, visit this link.

  1. Birds Custom Login

To get an idea about how your login page can turn out to be, see the picture below:

Birds Custom Login Plugin

This is what you get with Birds Custom Login:

  • Responsive design
  • Custom logo
  • Colors for forms and background of forms
  • Style forms
  • Translations available in French, Portuguese and Swedish
  • Live preview
  • Links for “Back to” and “Register – Lost your Password?”
  • Follows WordPress i18n standards
  • Compatibility with all built-in functionalities of WordPress

To install Birds Custom Login, visit this page.

  1. Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

This is one of the customized login pages created with Erident Custom Login and Dashboard:

Erident Custom Login Plugin

Following features are offered by Erident Custom Login and Dashboard:

  • You can replace the WordPress logo with your own
  • You can add images or a colored background to your Login page
  • You can add images or colored background to your login form and set the opacity
  • You can disable/enable your login form to show
  • You can change the color of button for login
  • You can Export/Import plugin settings between websites
  • You can pick colors using jQuery color picker
  • You can choose font size and colors

To install this plugin, visit this link.

For the plugin that you choose to work with, you have to download and install the plugin first in order to use it. Once activated, you can customize your login page with ease!

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