How to Make Your Blog Popular

How To Make Your Blog Popular

The most important element in generating revenue from your blog is to increase your audience size. This means you need to market your blog to increase its popularity. Making a blog popular is a serious concern. Here are a few ways to increase the popularity of your blog.

Blog Design

An attractive blog design, which is trendy and easy to navigate within, is also important for the success of a blog. A very heavy blog would increase the loading time and this would be counterproductive. Hence, try to optimize the graphics and style of blog for faster loading.

Blog Communities

Adding your site to blog communities helps in networking and in learning the latest tips and tricks from other bloggers. It is better to stick to active communities with good reputation and page rank. As a blogger, you can follow the similar communities to participate in discussions. This allows you to interact with other followers and make them notice your blog. This will increase the visibility of the site, when your comments are valuable and eye-catching.

Evergreen Content

When your blog’s content is all current news, it becomes obsolete very quickly. However, by adding evergreen content, such as tutorials and how-to articles, the site remains relevant for months or years, ensuring a constant flow of visitors and long-term appeal. Including relevant pictures in the content makes them more attractive and helps visitors to understand better.

Guest Post on Other Blogs

To increase your blog’s visibility, you can offer free posts to the owners of popular blogs in the same or related industries. By providing valuable content to these sites, you make yourself visible to their audiences. In addition, if those people like your content, they may follow the link in your byline and visit your blog, thus increasing your audience.

Add Content Regularly

If there is no new information on your blog, there is less reason for anyone to visit. You should add content regularly, so that your readers can expect to see something new when they visit. This continuous content update and frequent visit by users will help to increase the page rank. Google will list the blogs with the highest page rank on the top. This can increase the number of visitors.

Interesting Content

A blog’s popularity is not a certain element. Some blogs might not gain popularity, even if they have a lot of links and a wide reach on social networks. If the audience does not find interesting content, then they are unlikely to visit the blog. The quality of the content drives the traffic to the blog. Giving references to the source of information improves the confidence in the authenticity of the blog content among the readers. This will prompt the reader to visit the blog regularly.


Getting your blog noticed can be done by linking it to similar and popular blogs. There are many ways to link it, but it should be approved by the blog to which it is being linked. Incoming links from other authority sites helps a site to get better page rank.

Social Networks

Social sites can help to build a large readership. Using Facebook, Twitter and other social sites, you can share information, and invite people to your blog to learn more. People follow a blog if they are interested in the information shared, so having a large group of loyal followers on social media will help to increase traffic to your site.


People love freebies. Whether it is an e-book, a coupon code, or a free site theme, freebies attract many visitors. You could give freebies to new members, who share your content on social media, or who visit your site regularly. The freebie should be related to your blog and should be useful to your visitors, so that they are motivated to come back frequently.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular means of promotion. In this method, money or gift is offered to a person who promotes product, service, website, or blog. You can offer money or gift to the promoter for each new member he brings to your site.

There are many ways to make a blog popular, but Google does not approve all. It is important to use the right methods to increase your blog’s popularity as listed above.

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