How To Write Killer Blog Posts

How To Write Killer Blog Posts

Search engine algorithms and the rules of SEO are continuously changing, but providing quality content is still a powerful way to attract traffic on the internet. Google openly states that good quality content is one of the key factors in ranking on its search engine. Visitors are more likely to return to a website or blog if what they read is informative and engaging, and they will be willing to sign up to your mailing list if they like what they find.

coming up with ideas for blog content is often a challenge. Evening of the subject is one you’re passionate about and have knowledge in, you may struggle to start writing. Five minutes spent brainstorming ideas is usually time well spent. With a subject or theme in mind, the following tips will help you to write killer blog posts.

1) Grab attention with a headline.

All blog posts should have a headline. Without a compelling headline a reader may not click through to the post at all. Great headlines can be controversial or quirky, and a sense of urgency can be used to draw the reader in. For example, “Stop missing out on cheap vacations right now.” Headlines offering lists of information are also effective.

2) Have a clear point.

A punchy, conversational style works well for blogs, but always remember there should be a point you want to make in a post. Before starting to write, have a clear message in mind. You can build up to message in the post or make it at the start and then support it with further information. The reader should be able to state clearly what the post was about by the end of it.

3) Make it easy to read.

Keep sentences short and use paragraphs in all blog posts. A reader may want to scan the content initially, and spacing between the text will help. Large blocks of text put some readers off completely. Inserting pictures and images in a post help make it more reader-friendly and appealing to the eye.

4) Write with a personality.Write with

Successful blogs are as much about the blogger as they are the subject. Don’t be afraid to inject some personality into your posts. Depending on the subject matter and audience, making controversial statements can build your following. For example, if your blog is about a popular football team, you could write posts about why other teams don’t perform as well. Evoking emotional responses from your readers will keep them interested.

5) Ask questions.

A blog post can involve interaction with reader. Asking questions makes a reader feel valued, and encouraging thought is another way to make your blog content stand out from the crowd. AN opening such as “Do you think the new Nikon D810 is the ultimate camera for a portrait photographer?” can work well.

6) Offer value and insight.

It’s fine to express your own thoughts and opinions in a blog post, but there are times when you need to provide evidence and facts. You can use facts and data in arguments, and it builds credibility if you can quote the sources they come from. A reader should have the confidence that the information you provide is accurate.


Conclusion on How To Write Killer Blog Posts

You don’t have to be an experienced copywriter to create compelling blog posts. Knowing your subject and writing with passion can attack large audiences to your blog.

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