Increasing Engagement Online – Is Your Message Cutting Through The Noise?

Increasing engagement online

Trying to get attention for your product or service is one of the most difficult things you will face as an internet entrepreneur. While it has become far easier to create a website or join a social network, actually getting people to pay attention is increasingly an uphill battle. In this viciously competitive landscape you need to focus your efforts on the methods that get results while, at the same time, not engaging in anything that can damage your brand.


Understand Your Audience
The ability to tap into the mindset of your audience is integral to increasing engagement. So many business owners overlook this crucial aspect, primarily because they attempt to speak to someone like themselves. Thankfully, the internet can provide us with so much key data that we can quickly gain a picture of our customer base. Analytics programs can give us in-depth demographic information, while customer surveys can give us the personal thoughts and feeling of our customers.

Develop Trust
Trust is vital if you want to keep an audience interested in your message. It will take a while to build up this trust, but you can lose it far quicker if you resort to questionable tricks and techniques. Developing trust online is actually easier than you may think. Be upfront about who you are and what you do, follow through on promises, and always to aim to over-deliver with your content. If you stick to these principles you can build a core of loyal followers who will pay close attention to you.

Take Your Time
It’s a natural part of business to want to get quick results for the work you put in. You spend a long time creating a quality product or service, investing time, money, and energy in the process. However, engaging a large audience does not usually happen overnight, so be patient with the process and let it grow organically. Most friendships develop over months and years, and it is a similar undertaking with an online audience if you want to sustain success.

Be Unique
From the gigantic fitness industry to the smaller scrapbooking niche, online attention is limited and everybody is searching for it. So how do you stand out from the crowd? Uniqueness comes in different forms, and the ability to harness it will gain you plenty of attention. You could have a unique viewpoint on your industry, your approach could vary from the norm, you could use different mediums to speak to your audience, and you could show your personality to attach a tangible figure to your brand. All these things can help you stand out from the competition who will probably be using more generic strategies.

Have a Purpose in Everything You Do
Many entrepreneurs suffer from a lack of coherence in their message. They write blog posts and social media messages just to appear present, but they have no real goal in mind. Instead, try to have a strategy with everything you do. You could be trying to build rapport, show a lighthearted side, create a conversation, promote your product directly, or build some trust. An audience will be drawn to somebody that can show many different facets to their personality, so always consider the overall strategy when you communicate.

Use Different Methods and Mediums
Another aspect of effective communication is the ability to use the various mediums available online. The internet moves quickly, so you need to make sure that you are in the same places as your audience and you can reach them directly. Email marketing is still very effective, video will be a priority for many people, blogs will keep people coming back to your site, and social sites will help you keep in close contact with your audience. Pick the most relevant sites and look at the various ways the successful users are taking advantage of them.

Don’t Be a Pushy Salesperson
An almost certain way to be ignored online is to be overly promotional at all times. People are very aware of excessive promotion and advertising, either ignoring it or getting frustrated by it. When people are highly interested in a particular niche or subject matter they are eager to learn about the latest products. Don’t be afraid to put forward your offers, but make sure you are consistently offering good value that does not require a purchase.

In reality, if you fail to engage an audience online you have little chance of developing a long-term business. Strong connections will help you profit during the successful times, but also allow you to sustain your business during the lean times. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or even ruffling some feathers, but also be considered in your approach and put your customers first.

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