Useful Tricks and Tips To Boost Performance and Speed Up WordPress

Speed up WordPress

WordPress has developed into one of the most widely used open source content management system. So much so that nowadays, if you DON’T have your own WordPress hosted blog or a website created through the platform, people cast that famous Ghostface look over you — in amazement. But someone has to tell them they do look creepy.

Despite being powerful, flexible, and loaded with great features, it quite often drifts into one of those time warps, the dilation, that can force you pulling your hairs in all those random directions. And your website end up losing its youth as regular visitors, subscribers and visitors tend to avoid it completely.

But all you pre-mature baldies out there, stop fretting now; for we are here to provide you some useful tips and tricks that are sure to boost the overall performance of that blog or website which you love so dearly.

Who Likes Going Over to Mr.Krabs Place?

Mr Krab

None of us like a party host who is obnoxious, rude, greedy and abusive. They can go on to spoil the entire event no matter how well arranged it is. This also applies when choosing a web host for your blog or website.

Web hosting is the ultimate factor in deciding the site speed and maintenance recovery times. No matter how well optimized your entire site, poor web hosting can destroy it all. If you have opted for shared hosting or a cheap web host service provider, chances are that your website will frequently experience slow loading speed and large downtimes.

What to do?

Simple, choose a good host.

Amongst our recommendations, we would like to suggest Siteground if you are just starting. However if you have that little bit more cash to splash you can go for WPEngine. Both of them offer impeccable service and working with their back-end is easy. Others some well known web hosting options for WordPress are Inmotion Hosting, DreamHost and BlueHost. Each has their own strengths and you can select whatever suits you.

The Great Gatsby and His Enemies

The Great Gatsby and His Enemies

Having the most advanced and visually majestic theme is not always the best idea for your WordPress website. Yes it lures lots of guests but it can actually end up backfiring when the same traffic brings the site down to its knees. Not everyone fits the glove like DiCaprio.

What do we suggest?

Go for a theme that not only looks good but more importantly is designed to speed up the loading time of your WordPress blog. The default Twenty Fifteen framework for your WordPress is a great theme to start with. Other premium jewels that you can choose are Genesis, Schema and BlogSpring; there is a whole collection of themes to choose from.

Cashing the Caching


Whenever there is a visit, WordPress conducts explore and fetch process and brings the information to the visitor. This information display process can be time consuming if there are multiple visits.

What to do?

Install a caching plugin. These plugins can improve the loading time on your website, as it will serve to display the cached version of the information rather than conducting the explore and fetch process. If you can pay the premium, then WP Rocket plugin is the best in performance. Other amongst the notable mentions are W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.


Fed Express the Deliveries

Fed Express the Deliveries

Another tip to speed up your WordPress blog or website is installing a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This is a nest of interwoven and interlinked cache servers that use criterion like geographical distribution, to speed up the delivery of content to the users of internet. Especially, if you use your website for marketing purpose, this tip can prove to be real handy.

Which CDNs should you go for?

Max CDN is one of the highly rated solutions in the business. Apart from that, KeyCDN and Amazon Cloudfront also have significant reputation in the world of WordPress.

Buy Protective Glasses


Visuals are one of the major resources that greatly slow down the speed of your website and negatively impacts its performance. Yes, you cannot get rid of pictures as no one likes reading those long dull paragraphs but surely you can optimize them.

What exactly to do?

Well you can adopt two strategies and they even work in tandem. Firstly, you can reduce the size of your image while not reducing its quality by using plugins like WP-SmushIt, Hammy and EWWW Image Optimizer.

And the other one?

The implementation of lazy loading technique!

This technique only loads the image which is above the fold. And as the user keeps scrolling, other images load and appear. This not only helps in increasing the initial load speed of your page but it also saves the download quota for those users who exit a page without having a complete review. To implement lazy loading technique on your WordPress you can install plugins like jQuery Image Lazy Load and BJ Lazy Load, which is much simpler to use.

No Un-Invited Guests Please!


Hotlinking is a technique whereby other website developers use the images on your website to hyperlink them with their articles. This increases the traffic on your website but also makes it increasingly slower. If you don’t like these uninvited guests, who end up rocking the party but turn your whole house upside down, you can disable hotlinking.


The Super Saiyan!


You must have heard of the upgraded Super Saiyans if you are familiar with the famous Japanese anime television series, Dragon Ball Z. Likewise, your WordPress website also needs to be updated with time to make it quicker, more powerful and flexible. Being an open source project, developers often upgrade the plugins, themes and other features that can help you boost the performance of your WordPress website. Therefore it is important to remain in line with these updates.

Sliding Swiftly


Sliders, the integrated slideshows on your webpage, often slow down the speed of your website. But they are something that your WordPress blog can’t live without and neither can the users.

So what’s the solution?

Install slider plugins that can help you optimize the performance of your WordPress website. Soliloquy is considered the fastest in terms of performance. Other useful slider plugins include Nivo Slider, Meteor Slider, Revolution Slider and LayerSlider.

Having a quicker, faster, and better optimized WordPress can be the difference between a visitor and a passerby, a customer and a window-shopper, topping the SEO rankings and flirting with the depths and exploration and reduced clicks. You need to do something about it and you need to do it quick!


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